Sunday’s Dinner

Thankfully, my amazing husband was home tonight and handled dinner for himself and our little girl. So I could focus on finding something healthful and mushy for myself. I microwaved a bag of Steamfresh garlic cauliflower and blended that up with a tablespoon of vegenaise, and a pinch of black pepper and garlic salt. And we had a bit of Thai tomato coconut soup left over from the other night. It’s really high in sodium, and the flavor was overwhelming the first time we had it. So I diluted it with some carrot juice- ended up being about half soup, half juice. Much better. And healthier.

Both dishes were delicious, but consuming anything is a hassle with the state of my tongue. And, despite a two hour nap this afternoon, I’m exhausted. Almost fell asleep in the bowls. So I’m giving up after eating about half from each bowl. Will save the leftovers for tomorrow. Or if I get ravenous again before bed.


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