Be Kind

This is Behcet’s Disease.

It’s often an “invisible illness.” Systemic inflammation, severe fatigue. It’s an autoimmune vasculitis. So it can cause lesions anywhere you have blood vessels. This most often occurs in soft tissue, like the mouth, eyes, genitals, skin.

For me, the oral lesions are most problematic. Sometimes I can look totally normal from the outside, but my tongue, the inside of my cheeks, the roof of my mouth, gums, and throat are a wreck.

And then sometimes I look like this. Fat lip, and loads of lesions along my jaw, chest, and forehead. But I’m actually fine. A little tired maybe, but this mini flare, though more visible than usual, looks worse than it is.

When people see me like this, they cringe and say stuff like “Poor thing!” I appreciate the concern. But remember, there are people fighting invisible illness all around you. They may look fine on the outside. They may have learned to hide their pain. Or their pain may not be physical- but it’s no less debilitating.

So always be kind. Everyone is struggling with something.

One thought on “Be Kind

  1. I ran across your IG page and subsequently your page about Behçet’s disease. I have not come across many people on IG with Behçet’s, so I was quite surprised to run across your page. I just wanted to applaud you for sharing your story and being so candid about your own struggles. I really appreciate it because I also have Behçet’s disease and it has quite literally ravaged my whole body, inside and out. Actually, complications from the disease have almost killed me, but I have only mentioned Behçet’s disease one time on my Instagram page and I did not share anything about how it has affected me. So, I just wanted to say thank you for having the courage to share your story and helping to bring awareness to invisible illnesses, like Behçet’s disease.

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