Ugh. I’m on a little bit of a roller coaster with this flare. Not too bad today, but definitely not feeling great. Had gf toast with butter before my doc appointment this morning. And a cup of green tea. Still dragging and not really thinking clearly. It’s hard to be patient with baby girl on day like this, but thankfully, she’s feeling mellow and giving me a break. Great behavior at the doctor’s office. And everyone loved her, as usual.

Came home and had this soup. And two eggs.


Not feeling good this afternoon, and it was either give up and stay on the couch all afternoon, or take a pain pill. I went with the pain pill. And within half an hour, I was fine. Finally got some stuff done around here.

And made this super delicious nori wrap. Used my new spiralizer for the first time on a jicama. Threw in some baked tofu, sesame oil, and dillweed. Soooo surprisingly good. I ate this one, wanted more, made another one, and scarfed that one down, too. The seaweed is not easy to eat with my tongue the way it is right now. And the initial bites were rough because of my lip. So you know it was good if I was motivated to push through and make the effort anyway. The jicama was raw and crisp, the tofu was peppery and creamy, the sesame and dill gave it great flavor. It felt clean and alkalizing. Just what I needed.


And a green juice to balance out my pH for the day, and maybe help my liver process that pain pill. It’s cucumber, celery, yellow bell pepper, kale, and lemon.


I’ve been taking strong, expensive probiotics every night before bed. The bottle says you can take up to 9 capsules per day, but suggests dividing them up and taking with meals. My doctor said that’s ridiculous because you don’t want the bacteria to be digested. If you eat it with food, your digestive juices are flowing and less of the bacteria will make it to the small intestine, which is where you want them to go and colonize. Taking them at night, just before bed, and at least 2 hours after dinner, gives them the optimal chance of getting where they need to go alive and ready to colonize. You also don’t want to take them at the same time as an antibiotic or antifungal medication, or those will just kill them off. Since I can’t take pills without food, I’ve started breaking open the capsules into water and drinking them. I’m up to 7 capsules at this point. Those little buggers better be colonizing.

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