Still feeling pretty good. Lots of cleaning going on around here today, so I know my energy level must be up if I’m motivated to clean. Either that, or my house is REALLY dirty.



Applegate Farms turkey and hummus on gf bread. And chia pudding.


Carrot-Orange-Ginger Juice.


So far (I’m on page 17) this seems like one of the most promising books I’ve read during this process of trying to heal myself. My integrative doctor was in the middle of it at my last appointment, so I’m thinking this will likely influence my treatment plan moving forward after my next follow-up in 8 weeks.


Green juice: cucumber, celery, kale, bell pepper, apples. Oh- and that’s my new spiralizer in the background. Going to try to incorporate more raw foods into our diet, and that thing is supposed to turn zucchini, carrots, etc. into “noodles”. We’ll see…


Was craving a warm, sweet drink. This is almond milk with stevia and pie spices. And a raw cookie ball. Delicious combination. The “cookie” is cashews, walnuts, and almonds blended up in the food processor with dates and coconut oil. And my research material in the background…


My raw vegan cheesecake is complete! Crust is Brazil nuts blended in the same way that I mentioned above about the raw cookie. The “cheesecake” is soaked almonds, lemon juice and zest, and agave. And I topped it off with strawberries sweetened with agave.


My actual serving size. This is definitely healthi-er, but it’s pretty sweet with all that agave, so moderation is still important. Especially with my candida issues.


Somehow my pics got jumbled, but what follows are the various ingredients and stages of preparation of stuffed cabbage. I sautéed grass-finished beef with garlic and onions, then threw in chunks of carrots and greens leftover from juicing to boost the nutrition, then threw in some brown rice to stretch this very expensive meat a bit further. Put the mixture in the cabbage “cups” and baked them, covered with a little extra water in the bottom of the pan to help with steaming, until the cabbage was tender.






Never got to eat them, because my timing was off. I also made mini gluten free/dairy free pizzas, which were ready and eaten long before the cabbage was done. So we weren’t hungry anymore. Upside: lunch or dinner for tomorrow is done.


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