GF cinnamon raisin toast with organic butter, grapes, and chamomile tea.


Well, this isn’t a devotional, but I’m categorizing it as such because this song has given me so much encouragement in the past, particularly in the past four months. So I just thought I’d share.

Lunch was refried beans on a corn tortilla with tomatoes, avocado, and culantro. Apparently, cilantro has chelating properties (helps rid your body of toxic heavy metals) so I’m wondering if culantro does the same thing. They taste so similar.


Red beet elixir. So sweet and yummy.


I’m going to attempt raw cheesecake in the near future. These are my crusts. Brazil nuts, medjool dates, coconut oil, pie spices, pinch of salt. All blended up in the food processor and pressed into these mini springform pans. I’m pretty sure this would be indistinguishable from your typical graham cracker crust. It’s even better because it won’t get soggy when you add moist ingredients.


And the alkalizing green juice of the day. Gotta have at least one!






And dinner.



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