Sunday’s Lunch

We were so busy visiting with family, celebrating Easter, and getting ready for our trip… so lunch was a hodge podge of leftovers. They needed to be eaten anyway.


Also juiced pretty much everything in the fridge.

This is a head of purple cabbage and an apple. It was really good. I remember juicing a cabbage (a green one) when I first got the juicer. It almost made me vomit. I couldn’t drink it. It was almost spicy, and had this horrible flavor. I don’t know if there’s a big difference between green and purple cabbage, or if my taste buds have just changed that much, but I did not have high hopes for this purple cabbage, and it was surprisingly sweet and delicious. And makes this beautiful purple color in the glass. Perfect for my future rainbow detox.


And then juiced everything else in the fridge… yellow pepper, leftover salad greens, celery, cauliflower base, baby eggplant, etc.


Also made a red juice to drink on the way to the airport tomorrow.

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