Wednesday’s Dinner

My poor husband is subjected to vegetables constantly. Of course, it’s good for him, but I know he gets tired of having my dietary restrictions forced on him. So, tonight, I made him a glutenous pasta dish with turkey meatballs and chicken, sautéed in my raw marinara sauce (which of course, made it no longer raw). He still got lots of veggies, but they were hidden.


Here’s the ingredients for the raw marinara.


I had to run out in the dark, in the rain, and jump over frogs to get the oregano, rosemary, and basil. But there’s nothing like the satisfaction (and taste) of fresh herbs from your own garden. And it saves soooo much $$$.

Just blend everything together.


I haven’t taken a pain pill all day, but my tongue is bothering me, so I decided to stick with something soft and easy to eat. Mashed cauliflower with raw marinara sauce.


Raw marinara is a great idea if you’re concerned about your health and your body’s pH balance. Tomatoes, in their raw form, have an alkalizing effect on the body. When you cook them, that all changes, and they have the opposite effect, causing you to be more acidic. We generally eat a LOT of marinara in this house. So having this raw option can potentially make a big difference for us.

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