Sunday’s Lunch

I bought lots of freezer/convenience foods to see what kind of gluten free and (usually) dairy free possibilities were out there. I’m quickly getting spoiled- especially when I’m hungry and rushed. These little microwave meals are so quick and easy.


4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Lunch

    1. Except that quick and easy, when it’s gluten free and dairy free, is super expensive. All the frozen meals I’ve tried so far have been really good. So they give me ideas for what can be made that fits those guidelines. As I learn more about how to do all this, I can mimic what I see in the freezer at the health food store and make my own at home- way cheaper.

  1. Good idea! And you’re good at substituting foods when necessary, too. By the way, I did try the sweet potato/banana pancakes over the past week-end. Loved them. Along with spices, of course, I added just a little brown sugar. They were great! We actually ate them with cabbage and meatloaf!

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