Monday’s Snack

We kind of snacked through lunch. We were out running errands until late afternoon. I munched on a bag of my healthy snack mix (seeds, nuts, dried fruit) and finished off those 4 cups of green tea.

Picked these up at the grocery store to snack on since it was took wayyyyy longer than expected to get my bloodwork done.


And 2 more photos taken by my daughter during the shopping trip. Lol.



And my big purchase of the day… $20 on an air-popped popcorn machine.


It kind of spits popcorn and unpopped kernels all over the kitchen, but even taking that into consideration, it is significantly cleaner than what I was doing before, which would get olive oil splatters all over the stove and require cleanup of my big, heavy, cast iron soup pot. And this way, I can completely control what I add to it. No oil needed at all.

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Snack

  1. I think we are going to have to get one of those, too, so we can skip the oil. When will you hear about your bloodwork?

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