Thursday’s Dinner

Appointment with naturopathic doc went great. I finally feel like someone understands what I’m trying to do and has the knowledge and tools to help me do it. He seemed pleased with my choice of supplements (multivitamin, fish oil, evening primrose oil, probiotics, B12, D, silymarin milk thistle, valerian, and an adrenal support herbal blend) but wants me to take significantly more D and probiotics. Told me to stay off gluten. He thinks my autoimmune issues may be related to something called mold illness. Not allergy. I’m still confused about it, but he’s doing lots of tests to get a better picture of what might be happening. And he helped me understand why my body has become dependent on prednisone. I don’t understand it well enough to explain it, but I get it enough to know this may be a long hard road.

Dinner was out of a box. But a pretty healthy box. It does have a bit of cheese. I’ll probably be cutting out dairy soon, so might as well have a few last hurrahs.



And I ran by the grocery store to grab some more green juicing ingredients (since I skipped the farmer’s market this week). I had the genius idea of separating everything I need for each individual juice into bags, so it’ll be super easy when I’m ready to juice. Each bag has a cucumber, green bell pepper, green apple, 5 stalks of celery, a handful of parsley, a big handful of spinach, and lots of kale. I’ll probably add an inch or so of ginger to the mix when I juice ’em. So delicious. I love this stuff. Never thought I’d say that and really mean it.


The bags fit so nicely in a little corner of the fridge.


Sooooo this was dinner.


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