Friday’s Breakfast

The hubs made eggs with spinach, deli turkey, and cheese. The turkey has modified food starch in it. I don’t think this is a gluten problem, but I’m not 100% on that. It also has nitrites. I need to keep a better deli meat alternative in the house.


Eating was slow-going, since my mouth is still pretty painful. But I can tell the lesions are changing and healing. My slow eating gave my opportunistic daughter the chance to steal several pieces of fruit from my plate. The blackberries were amazingly sweet and delicious. Definitely going to finish off the whole package today.

Hot chocolate has become a satisfying, warm, creamy substitute for my morning coffee. Today I made it with light vanilla soymilk, sorghum syrup, and cocoa powder. And a dash of pie spices.

One thought on “Friday’s Breakfast

  1. Those berries look really good. I was in the bakery booth today at the Bar-B-Que and those cookies were so tempting. I am mad at myself for sucumbing to that sugar.

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