Wednesday’s Lunch

We spent the afternoon at the zoo, where I carried thirty pounds of wiggly, squirmy toddler around on my shoulders for most of the way (since my husband’s back is out of commission and she is accustomed to being carried around this way when he takes her to the zoo, I had to stand in). We had so much fun. Riding the carousel and the train. Playing giant life-size checkers, and swinging on the big tire swing, and of course, seeing all the animals and feeding the ones in the petting zoo. Granted, I had to take a pain pill and wait about an hour for it to kick in before we could go. But I’m so grateful to have something that works well enough to manage my pain so that I can enjoy my family and my life.

This was lunch when we got back. Grilled peanut butter (the natural kind) sandwich with a bit of sorghum syrup on gluten free bread with a pear on the side. And a cup of hot chocolate (unsweetened vanilla almond milk, cocoa powder, agave nectar).


And an alkalizing green juice. It has kale, romaine, cucumber, cilantro, and a green apple in it. Much better for ya than the beverage that was originally intended by the makers of this glass.


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