Wednesday’s Breakfast

Woke up feeling sorry for myself this morning. My mouth was hurting, and I was laying in a cold pool of night sweat. Ewwww. Thought I’d be doing better already after 3 days of 20mg prednisone. Then I thought about how bad things really are- which is not bad at all. And I thought about how bad things COULD be, how bad they are for so many people who have this disease, and other debilitating, chronic illnesses. So I rolled my eyes at myself and resolved to make the most of today. Because, though I’m uncomfortable, I’m not in pain and I CAN function and get out and do things and enjoy my family and my life today.

Decided to try the banana pancakes recipe… with sweet potatoes.


That’s one cup of cooked sweet potato and 2 eggs. After mixing it up, the batter seemed off, so I added another egg. So, ONE CUP sweet potato and THREE eggs. I also added a splash of vanilla and some pumpkin pie spice.




Drizzled a little sorghum syrup over top…


I like these even better than the banana ones. The texture is more pancakey. I need to find a healthy whipped cream recipe. That would’ve been REALLY good on top.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Breakfast

  1. Sounds like you’re getting good at ‘pulling yourself up by your bootstraps’! Great attitude! God bless you. I love the pancake recipe and I’m going to try it. Are the potatoes frozen or fresh?

    1. Thank you! I’m grateful for these opportunities to show myself that I can be strong when things are tough. (And things really aren’t that bad right now, I just woke up in a whiny mood and had to check it before it ruined my day!)

      I don’t think it would matter if you used fresh or frozen, as long as they’re thawed, cooked, and mashed. Let me know how yours turn out! :)))

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