Wednesday’s Breakfast

Had 2 pieces of gf toast with olive oil spread to take all my meds and supplements, and a smoothie on the go. Here’s ingredients for the smoothie.


It was significantly easier dissecting the aloe today. Practice is definitely making…. well, easier.


It’s farmer’s market day around here. We went a little later than usual and it was swarming with people. Here’s the booty:


We just planted a red navel orange tree in the yard, so I grabbed a bag when i saw them at the market, to see how I’m going to like the fruit… if the tree survives, that is. Also got a big bottle of local honey, and some raw pumpkin seeds and raw almonds to make snack mix. The nut guy had dried cranberries, but they were sweetened with corn syrup. He looked at me quizzically and asked, “Is that a bad thing?” The Publix brand is sweetened with sugar, which isn’t much better, but I figure I should just get those instead.

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