Monday’s Breakfast

I just realized it’s been nearly a week since I’ve consumed gluten. I didn’t eat the bread my husband served yesterday, wasn’t able to eat the beef substitute I fed my family mid-week, and last had oats on Tuesday. So I’m wondering if now might be a good time to go gluten free and see if it makes a difference. I’ve already eliminated processed sugar, and dairy is pretty limited. Those are the 3 things I keep hearing are the most common culprits of food allergy and inflammation.

I’ve had a bag of millet in the pantry for a while but hadn’t gotten around to trying it. Today’s the day…


I’m kind of adapting two recipes from the package and trying to make a sweet porridge. One recipe calls for it to be toasted. Ok. I’ll try that while the soymilk warms up.


Added a little honey for sweetness, but didn’t want to get too fancy with fruit or spices since I wasn’t sure about what type of flavor it would have.


Decided you can never go wrong with pumpkin pie spice and threw some on top. Not bad. Not bad at all. My daughter LOVED it! (She thought she was eating oatmeal.) I could eat this in place of oatmeal every day, no problem. It does have a distinct flavor that might take some getting used to (like quinoa), but it’s really good. Might work as a savory dish as well, like pilaf or something.

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Breakfast

    1. Sorry. I quit mid-post and didn’t pick it up again until this evening. 🙂

      It’s a great sub for oats. I’ll try it soon as a savory dish and see how that goes.

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