Sunday’s Lunch

We had a blast at the party this afternoon. I knew my daughter wouldn’t be hungry for lunch afterward since she had several pieces of candy and a cupcake (no frosting, well, very little frosting). I ate 2 pieces of cheese from the crudités plate. She had a melt down when she realized she wasn’t getting any presents. Lol. And then again when it was time to leave the party. But all was well when she got her little bucket of party favors.

We came home and had breakfast for lunch. This is what I was originally planning to eat this morning before my husband stepped up to the stove. It’s one of my all time favorite breakfast meals. You can do this with just about any root vegetable and leafy greens. It’s super easy.

Sautéed the last of my purple potatoes with garlic in olive oil. (I used more than was necessary- I’ve lost a lot of weight and need calories where I can get them!)


Chopped up the stalks from my beet greens- nothing goes to waste!


When it’s almost done, add the greens. They just need a quick heat blast to wilt.


I felt the need for more greens, so I topped it off with some spinach.


Topped it off with an egg. Bit of paprika to make it pretty. The yolk becomes this delicious sauce that runs all through the veggies. So. Good.


Even my sweet-stuffed little monkey had a few bites.

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