Saturday’s Breakfast

I’ve been hearing a lot about the health benefits of aloe vera. Everybody knows it’s good for your skin, but apparently eating it is really good for you, too. It’s supposedly antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. Why didn’t they just pump aloe through my IV at the hospital? 😉

Our old roommates left behind an aloe plant when they moved out a few years ago. This plant has spawned many extensions of itself and turned into a monster that has taken over a whole section of our flower bed. I took a couple of chunks of its offspring (with the roots) and planted them out back near the compost bin, just to see if they’d survive. They sure did. And they’re spawning, too.


All this time, I had no idea I had a nutritional powerhouse available right in my garden. But how do I make use of it? How does it work? What part do I eat? Will it be gross? I did some research and decided to put it in a smoothie this morning.


Ummmm, getting the innards of the aloe to part from the green is not the easiest task in the world. I’d say it’s probably one of the goopiest. I tried a different technique on each of the three leaves, and none of them worked well. This might take some practice. But I got the job done.


Everything into the blender cup… It looks weird in there. I’m not sure about this.


Finished product. Looks good.


Time for my little guinea pig to do the taste test.


Hubby liked it, too. Wonder how long this monster aloe plant is gonna last around here now that we know we can eat it. Lol. Might have to spread some more of its spawn around the yard.

Given my amazing experience with what I’m calling “banana pancakes” yesterday, you know we’re going to be having that for breakfast today. Slightly worried that yesterday’s was beginner’s luck and it may not work today. Plus my bananas aren’t as ripe as the one I used yesterday.


Whisked the eggs in a bowl and mashed the bananas on a plate with a fork.


The batter is a little runnier than yesterday. But…. so far, so good.


Three bananas and 3 eggs yielded 10- 1/4 cup size pancakes for us today. And didn’t lose a single one to lack of patience and a too early flip.


I knew my daughter was going to love these. Eggs and bananas are two of her favorite foods. But my husband grew up on pancakes, and I didn’t have high hopes for his reaction. He put maple syrup on his, took a few bites, and said, “These are good! There’s no flour in here?” He scarfed down the five on his plate.


Basking in a successful morning. And, though I did have to take a pain pill last night, I haven’t felt the need for it yet today. While I know the improvement is due to the prednisone, I’m so grateful that it’s working. And so grateful to be well enough to be up and about, cooking and spending time with my family, living my life.

3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Breakfast

  1. I have a Misto sprayer that I put canola oil in. I’m trying to get in the habit of cooking with coconut oil, but haven’t gotten there yet. But whatever you do, don’t use butter! 😉

    That would be delicious, though. And one of my clean eating magazines had an article a few months ago about how a moderate amount of organic butter in your diet isn’t a big deal. But, I think, grapeseed, coconut, and olive oil are pretty healthy, with canola oil coming in behind those.

    Let me know how yours turn out! 🙂

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