Thursday’s Dinner

Even though I can’t eat real food right now, my family’s gotta eat. And this is one of my staple Asian meals. Starts out with a frozen meat substitute.


I’m not 100% sure how truly healthy these are, so I appreciate any opinions or feedback on that.


Sautéed the “beef” with some pressed garlic and a splash of each of these:


Then threw in a bag of frozen mixed veggies- broccoli stir fry.


Put it on a bed of microwaved instant brown rice and added a plain old salad on the side- mixed greens and tomatoes, salt and pepper.


And for me:


I feel pretty good about the ingredients on this one.


I did add some vegetable broth to thin it out and make it easier for me to drink. There was something in the soup that stung when it hit certain areas of my mouth, so adding the broth helped with that, too. I ended up having about 2 cups of this. I also drank the leftover sunset juice blend from yesterday, about 16 oz. Something in that stung, too. So I used a straw and pushed it toward the back of my throat to try to bypass the most sensitive areas in the front. It sort of worked. The one thing that didn’t sting was the yummy lemongrass tea I made. We just planted lemongrass in big pots about a week ago. I ran out in the rain to snip off a few stalks. Totally worth it. So fresh and soothing. Citrusy and herbaly at the same time. Drank 2 big mugs. It may not sound like I ate much today, but I’m going to bed feeling pretty full, and at the very least, hydrated. I also think some of the swelling in my tongue has reduced. It seems to fit better in my mouth now, rather than taking up too much space. This is a very good sign.

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