Friday’s Lunch

Spent the afternoon out with family. The three of us went to hang out with my sis-in-law for a bit. My husband and daughter were getting hungry, but we wanted to take her to a playground before heading home. So stopped at KFC for food (for them) to take and eat at the playground. I was a little hungry, and the food smelled amazing, and I totally could’ve dealt with some mashed potatoes or mac-n-cheese. But, aside from the potentially poisonous but necessary medications I’m on, it’s been a while since I ingested something I know I shouldn’t be eating. So I didn’t want to break that streak today. When we pulled up to the menu, I searched to see if there might be something reasonably healthy there. The only specks of vegetables I saw were the peas and carrots in the pot pie, the corn, and the cole slaw. Pretty much everything else on the menu was white or brown, fried or grilled (at least they’re trying!), fatty or super sweet. I hope I’ll live to see the day when the majority of restaurants offer real, healthy, healing foods. So many people in this world need serious healing, and this food they’re selling is not only not helping, but it is literally killing us. Given this view, how can I let my husband and baby girl eat this stuff? I don’t know. Change happens slowly. And I’ve got to get myself in check first. I hope there will come a time in the near future where my whole family’s tastes will change to the point that we will crave healing foods and be disgusted by what’s coming out of fast food windows these days. I’m certainly not there yet. That chicken smelled up the car in a heartbeat and I almost caved. But I didn’t. I came home and ate leftovers from Tuesday. Well, tried to eat.


I ended up only eating half a parsnip, a couple of garlic cloves, and a potato. Mashed them up with my fork on the plate. Was just really painful. So I gave up and moved on to this.



That hit the spot. And yes, I used the same sprig of parsley from the root veggie plate. I’m recycling here.

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