Wednesday’s Lunch

I was pretty hungry after such a light breakfast and a busy morning. Ate the leftover puréed broccoli and cauliflower from last night. Then I went for the bean dip and it was really painful to eat. Just too thick. So I thinned it out with vegetable broth and -Bam! Black bean soup. Yum!


And with all this awesome juiceable produce in the house…


That’s cucumbers, parsley, kale, celery, and an apple. Yielded a big glass for me and a smaller one which I offered to my husband. He politely declined. 😉

My daughter took a couple of sips and made her usual proclamation, “Deeeelicioussss!!” But apparently it wasn’t good enough to pull her away from her playtime with Daddy, because she quickly said, “I’m done!” That’s cool. More for me. 🙂


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