Tuesday’s Dinner

I was craving beans. And figured the texture of a black bean dip would be agreeable with the painful state of my tongue. Cracked open a can of low-sodium black beans, drained and rinsed off all the canning juices. Added 2 cloves of raw garlic (I’ve read that garlic is anti-fungal, so maybe that’ll help with the thrush), a teaspoon of homemade taco seasoning (I don’t remember the specific spices, but these recipes are all over the Internet), olive oil, and salt/pepper. Made a thick dip that would be fantastic with tortilla chips. If only I could eat tortilla chips right now. It was good straight up, too.

And I felt like I needed something green, so microwaved a bag of Steamfresh broccoli and cauliflower. Easy peesy. So the original dinner plan looked like this:


I thought the cooked veggies would be soft enough, given my success at lunch. Yeah- no. This is what I actually ate:


Side note on prescriptions and supplements: I’d like to start evening primrose oil (anti-inflammatory) and would like to find out more about herbs that support adrenal gland function. But these are the prescriptions and supplements I am currently taking- fluconazole (antifungal), colchrys (my regular, everyday treatment), fish oil, multivitamin, hydrocodone/acetaminophen, cranberry (supports urinary tract health and I am prone to UTIs), probiotic, and nystatin (antifungal mouthwash). Oh- and dexamethasone (steroid) mouthwash as needed.

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