Monday’s Dinner

Along with the mashed cauliflower and tomato soup leftovers from last night, I had this yummy, sweet juice. Here’s what was in it.


That’s a sweet potato, 3-4 carrots, and an apple. Yielded just over 16 ounces of juice.


I’m totally craving something green now. Hmmmmm.

Craving satisfied. Here’s what I dug out of the fridge:


I used 4 of the outer stalks of celery along with the leaves, the whole bag of chopped kale (which was perfect since it expires tomorrow), and 2 pears. Again, it yielded just over 16 ounces. Just enough for a little cup for my daughter.


And for anyone who doubts my sincerity when I say these juices are delicious, two-year-olds don’t lie about this kind of thing. She sucked hers down and said, very emphatically, “DEEEEEEELICIOUSSSSSS!!!” 🙂

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