Monday’s Lunch

My daughter and I spent most of this beautiful day in the backyard. She harassed lizards in her sandbox while I watered plants and cleaned the patio furniture. When we came in for lunch, she was a bottomless pit. She had a bowl of peas (we’d usually stop there), two clementine oranges, five big strawberries, a banana, and a slice of bread with olive oil. Guess there may be a growth spurt on the horizon.

As for me, my pain pill was wearing off, and I realized I’d spent the bulk of my energy on the patio furniture. I was feeling very hungry, but dreaded chewing anything, and didn’t have the energy to come up with something healthful. So this is what I had:


In my opinion, there is nothing nutritious about these shakes. Any multivitamin will give you the same “nutrition” and, generally, the high sugar content and loads of weird ingredients make me steer clear of them. The only time their consumption is justifiable is if you have a strong craving for a fast-food milkshake- these’ll satisfy it. Oh- and if you just desperately need calories and are too exhausted to come up with a meal that won’t be excruciating to eat.

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