Sunday’s Snack

After taking a pain pill (hydrocodone/ acetaminophen), the pain in my mouth is dull enough that I was able to gather the energy to get myself and my little girl dressed and out of the house. We headed over to hang out with my in-laws. I took these two nutrition-packed to-go cups. The green is leftover from yesterday: cucumber, celery, pear, and apple. The orange is about 3/4 carrot juice and 1/4 orange juice. This is a great immunity booster. Carrot juice has loads of vitamin A and orange juice has lots of vitamin C- which work really well together to support the immune system. And, yeah- my immune system needs lots of support right now. Plus it’s delicious. The sweetness of the carrots is balance by the tartness of the oranges. Kinda reminds me of a creamsickle.


We ended up chillin’ at the in-laws longer than I expected. I was a little apprehensive about finding myself something to eat over here- since I really want to stick to something healthy, and these lesions limit what I’m physically able to eat. But I quickly found a microwave bag of sugar snap peas and a container of roasted red pepper hummus. Since they’re cooked, the peas are soft enough to deal with. This is perfect. And my daughter apparently has a new favorite food. She ate at least half of the peas. Great finger food. And I don’t typically buy these. Will definitely have to keep some on hand from now on.


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