Friday’s Dinner

I’m on my last couple of days of medication following my hospital stay, so I’m very excited about the potential detox on the horizon. I woke up Friday morning intending to get an early start on toxin elimination, then my husband requested pancakes for breakfast. We’d had an amazing date night Thursday night, and I was in the mood to make him happy (I mean, I always want to make him happy- but I was feeling particularly devoted to his happiness this particular morning.) So I made just enough batter (half whole wheat) for his pancakes, and whipped up my favorite healthy breakfast for myself: sauteed root veggie (purple potatoes in this case) and tons of wilted greens (kale) topped with 2 eggs, perfectly cooked so the yolks run through the veggies like a deliciously rich sauce. Yum! As much as I love coffee, I’ve traded it for green tea since leaving the hospital. Despite such a nutritious breakfast, I was really dragging all day- no energy whatsoever. And, with several painful lesions cropping up in my mouth, I was generally uncomfortable. I baked up a couple of ripe plantains which my daughter and I munched on for a light lunch, along with about 16 ounces of carrot juice. I took a pain pill and dragged myself to the shower, and we headed to the beach/boardwalk for a late afternoon family outing. While not exactly painful, the general discomfort of a pending flare is draining. So once the medicine took the edge off, I felt my energy returning and felt much better. I’d also juiced 2 cucumbers, a bunch of celery, and 2 green apples before we left the house. This generated about 32 ounces of juice, which I drank in the car on the way. So, maybe that had something to do with how much better I was feeling, too. We had a blast out at the beach, riding rides, playing games at the arcade, and watching the surfers.

I was surprised that I had the energy to cook when we got home, after being so lethargic all day. But I was still feeling great. So I broke open 2 big bags of frozen cauliflower and steamed them with lots of garlic, put in a couple spoonfuls of vegenaise, and blended everything up with an immersion blender. Mashed cauliflower is my new favorite thing. Love, love, love it. It made a perfect bed for chicken breast (they were pretty big, so I only ate half) and a few slices of kielbasa sausage. The sausage is the only thing I ate all day that I know I probably shouldn’t have eaten. Microwaved a Steamfresh bag of peas and mushrooms, and toasted up some sesame ezekiel bread (topped with smart balance omega-3 spread). Not sure how healthy the Smart Balance spread really is. Plain olive oil would probably have been better. I have a small tub of olive oil in the fridge that I salted and am waiting for it to harden up to a spreadable consistency. It’s been in there for several days, and thickens up more every day. I intend to use it in place of butter or other spreads once it’s ready. At any rate, a tall glass of carrot juice (with a shot of orange juice) rounded out dinner.

Ok, I realize I need to work on my food presentation skills. I didn’t know I’d be starting my blog with this meal when I plated it up. The garlicky juices from the peas/mushrooms look kind of gross running all over the plate, but it actually provided a delicious sauce to dip the bread in, and served as a sort of gravy for the meat and cauliflower. Certainly more yummy than it looks.


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