Saturday’s Breakfast

I love steel-cut oats, but they’re such a pain to cook. They take forever, and you have to constantly stir them so they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan. And we’re usually in a bit of a rush in the morning, so I’ve ended up eating “not quite done” oats on several occasions. Not yum. Not at all. Then I came across a tip in a magazine that changed my life, at least as far as steel-cut oats are concerned. So now, this is what I do: the night before, boil the water, add the oats, stir, let it cook for just a couple of minutes, turn off the heat, stir, cover, and walk away. Go to bed. Wake up in the morning, turn on the burner, add honey/spices/fruit/whatever, it’s done in less than 5 minutes. If it’s too soupy, just cook a little longer. If it needs more liquid, add a little soymilk. Perfect steel-cut oats in the time it would take to microwave a packet of instant oatmeal. LOVE! So this was our breakfast today, along with a cup of detox tea for me. Today is my last day of prednisone (I’ve been tapering it off for the last week or so) so I figure I can go ahead and start eliminating whatever crazy toxins all the meds I’ve been on have deposited in my system. I don’t intend to do a true detox, just a general shift to mostly foods that are going to make a positive contribution to my well being. Anyway, to our oatmeal this morning, I added honey, cinnamon, ginger, clove, allspice, and nutmeg. We picked 20 pounds of strawberries at a farm last week, so our freezer is stocked for a while. I got some of those out, along with some frozen raspberries and blueberries. Microwaved them in a bowl with a bit of honey until they got mushy, and used them to top off the oatmeal. Perfect.


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